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    Browsing experience
    1. Absolutely amazing UI

    2. Made for Android TV (That remote just works)

    3. Continue watching tiles on your Android TV home

      Currently this feature is supported only Android TVs till Android Nougat. Nougat+ devices will be supported soon.

    4. All at home: Fully personalized

      Your TVZion home consists of endless scroll lists. Love Sci-fi? It's there, love Documentaries? It's there as well. Lists are endless, so you never have to leave the home :)

      Fully customize/personalize your home by adding widgets.

    5. Play random episodes in one click

    6. Easiest episode browser there is: 

      TVZion automatically scrolls to the last episode when episode list is open. Continuous episode list, no need to select seasons. (But of course, you can if you want to)

    7. Watch list section

      Options available

      • All

      • TV

      • Movie

      • With sort by A-Z, latest

    8. Special content sections in TVZion home: 

      • Up next section

      • New in HD section

      • Airing today section

      • Recently aired section

    9. Filters

      Filter content by genre, year filters with sort by popularity, release date options

    10. Customize thumbnail

      • Change grid sizes

      • Choose between poster/screenshot thumbnails

      • Disable texts on thumbnails

    11. Trailers

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    Streaming experience
    1. Detailed link statistics [ping, bitrate, file size]

      Now TVZion reports bitrate, ping time, file size with every link whenever available to help you choose the best link.

    2. Advanced metadata detection [ZionClub]

      TVZion now detects exact resolution, bitrate for your links to help you chose the best possible link.

    3. Link filtering/sorting [ZionClub]

      Now filter/sort links automatically with the following parameters

      • Resolution

      • Bitrate

      • Ping time

      • File size

      • Quality (filter)

    4. Subtitles

      • See subtitle rating, verified user, download count

      • Search by filename, IMDB Id, Movie/Episode name/edit name

      • Select default subtitle search mode

    5. View list of links

      • Automatically sorted by size

      • Choose what happens when you click on links: 
        Ask everytime, play, search subtitles, cast to TV, download

      • Download links

      • Open links with custom app, such as external downloaders

      • Copy links

    6. Now you can hide the list of links for casual users. TVZion automatically searches for minimum number of links and plays the best one by size automatically.

    7. Auto play link

      • Choose what happens when a link is auto played: 
        Ask everytime, play, search subtitles, cast to TV, download

      • Customize minimum number of links to resolve before Auto play

    8. Auto play next episode

    9. Automatically continue episode/movies where you left off

    10. In-built default player

    11. Chromecast

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    External services
    1. Trakt: Seamless integration

      • Import your watch history to continue from where you left off.

      • Sync history on start up

      • Access personal and liked lists through Trakt browser.

      • Access your collection, history, watch lists through Trakt browser.

      • Access Trakt trending lists, featured lists through Trakt browser.

      • Auto check in

    2. Real debrid

    3. Premiumize

    4. External players (MX + VLC)


  • 3

    1. Cached torrent streaming [ZionClub]

      Stream High quality [5-15 GB movies and more] content off torrents directly on TVZion with your RD/PM subscription

    2. Old episodes with cached torrent [ZionClub]

      Stream old episodes (that might not be available anywhere else) off cached torrent season packs directly on TVZion with your RD/PM subscription

    3. 4k movies (subjected to availability)

    4. Google links (subjected to availability)

    5. Anime support

    6. DDL sites

    7. HLS video support

    8. 16+ Resolvers [More coming]

    9. 42+ total sources [More coming]

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